Why do we Make Soap?

Why do we Make Soap?

For Use

Homemade rustic style soap

Soap making is one of the most beneficial homesteading skills. We use soap daily in its various forms for many different purposes. From bar soaps, liquid hand soaps, and shampoos to dish and laundry detergents, pet shampoos, kitchen cleaners, car shampoos and many more.

The use of soap is very common and frequent in our everyday lives! Twice as frequent if you are caring for farm animals or growing a garden. If I have to use soap so often, I want to know what goes into it.

For Safety

Do you want to know what goes into your store-bought soap? Have you looked at the ingredients of the commercial soaps? Why would you want to put all that chemistry lab on your skin and hair?

On your loved ones?

On your children and grandchildren?

On your pets?

On your clothes?

And the list continues. . .

It is Prudent

Lye soap

Simplify your life and make your own hand-crafted soaps. Handmade soaps are natural and healthful for your skin and hair. Homemade soaps are very inexpensive to make, especially compared to buying commercial soaps.

It is Easy

For me, making soap is much easier and much more enjoyable that going out shopping for syndet products.

Soap, in its simplest form, is made of two essential ingredients:

1. natural oils and/or fats


2. sodium hydroxide (also known as lye or caustic soda) or other strong base such as potassium hydroxide (also referred as caustic potash).

That’s it.

And when you are done making soap, there is nothing strongly alkali or caustic about it any more. The strong base reacts with the fatty acids and becomes neutralized. Read more about it here.

It is Custom

Handmade soap

After you master making the most simple unscented homemade soap, you can start learning about various oils, and how they can change your soap to be used for different purposes. You can make moisturizing soap for dry skin, hard soap for oily skin, soap to alleviate acne or eczema symptoms, and many other varieties of soap. You can start adding other ingredients, such as essential oils, fragrances, soothing herbs, and more.

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