Fun, Fowl, and Fascination with my Fabulous Faberge Eggs

Happy Easter!

In this unfortunate time of destruction caused by the smallest and the most efficient creature on Earth, the virus, our modest family farming homestead seems to be working very well and providing all the food, shelter, and clothing we need to survive!

My little Faberge eggs are the First priority on my list. Why Faberge? OK, may be that’s not the case. The eggs are not made of emeralds or diamonds. After all, gold, emeralds, or diamonds are not going to save your life. They are just pretty, that’s all. The farm eggs, however, are made of the most precious proteins and minerals that your body needs. Let me call them Kimberge instead. These beautiful sources of life are coming from the home-raised birds, which makes them real gems, as they provide the greatest amount of protein a human needs. As we all know, protein is the source of life! Besides, the flavor is beyond comparison.

First, we acquired our chickens. Here they are, the mail order chicks:

Mail order chicks

Don’t try to count. We ended up with 53 adult hens.

As the chicks were growing, we made a maze of cardboard boxes for their inquisitive minds to explore. The natural roosting instinct took over and the birds started climbing the walls, literally.

Baby chicks maze

Oh, yeah. When they sit like this with their butts sticking out, guess where their poop ends up? Yep, you guessed it right, on my carpet. But we love them so much, don’t we?

And now, the big Finale, the transition to the outdoors:

They started to venture out of their little abode. And, guess what?

The more they explore, the more they Find out…

Chicks and roosters

The big Flock is around the block. Oh boy!

Having home raised chickens and the eggs they are laying is such a joy, I can write about it on and on.

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