First Spring Flowers: Happy International Women’s Day!

Desert spring flowers

Flowers are very scant in the high desert making each blossom, big or small, a true celebration of life. A tiny yellow spring flower attracted my attention when I took my dogs outside early this morning. This inconspicuous little harbinger of spring reminds of the approaching beautiful new season. I am not sure what this flower is. It looks like a primrose, but it has only four petals, while the primrose has five. It also acts like a primrose opening in the morning and closing during the day.

Desert spring flowers

Another bright little desert jewel has opened today. This cheerful California poppy was planted in our yard accidentally last year when we brought a few seeds from one of our day trips. The seeds were left outside to dry. Some of them were picked up and spread out by the wind. They survived the birds and the winter and germinated into pretty islands of green with bright-yellow specks of flowers.

California poppy

When the sun came up in the afternoon, I went to check my primrose looking beauty. The flowers closed into drying buds. It’s a little sad, that the blossoms live less than a day.

The desert blossoms live only half-a-day

Later in the evening, however, the new fresh blossoms popped up again celebrating a new life.

This first appearance of the spring flowers in our desert yard coincided with a big holiday, The International Women’s Day. I did a search about this holiday and found that the celebration began with a peaceful demonstration protesting the First World War on March 8th, 1913 in Russia. This tradition was supported by women in Europe. This CNN article by Hannah Lawson gives a brief history and describes the meaning of this holiday.

In modern day Russia, however, March 8th is celebrated differently. Women receive flowers and gifts. Concerts are performed in theaters and concert halls in honor of women. Television shows and programs are dedicated to women on this day. It’s all about femininity, love, beauty, happiness, and everything wonderful.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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