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Blue Cat Tutorials

Blue Cat Tutorials

Beginner lessons on how to use a flat-bed knitting machine.


Wool roving and a bobbin of spun yarn.

This site is created to embrace the wealth of information about four types of natural fibers: wool, linen, cotton, and silk. As I have departed on my learning journey, I share with you what I am discovering about the history and origins of natural fibers, their quality and uses, the process of preparation for spinning, weaving, and knitting, to the creation of the final articles of clothing.

Many of my friends know about my lifelong passion for creating anything that has to do with fibers and textiles. I hope you join me on this journey and benefit from what you learn on my site.

Welcome to my site! Please explore. I hope you enjoy it and come back often!



 Hot off the Loom

Lesson 1: Open Cast On

Starting to use your new flat bed knitting machine can be quite daunting. My biggest fear was about breaking the machine. Being very complicated and heavy, the knitting machine has very delicate and f…

Blue Cat Tutorial | Lesson 2: E-Wrap Cast-On
Lesson 2: E-Wrap Cast On

This is a step-by-step review of an e-wrap cast-on method used on a flat-bed knitting machine. You can skip the detailed description and jump to the Blue Cat Summary for E-Wrap Cast On. An open cast-o…

Lesson 3: E-Wrap Cast On with an Anchor

In Lesson 2, we learned how to start knitting on a flat-bed knitting machine using an e-wrap cast on. This type of cast on gives a very clean professional edge to the final work. When you use the tech…

Image: crochet cast on.
Lesson 4: Crochet Cast On

Crochet cast on is a very simple way to create a neat and professional border of your work on a flat bed knitting machine. A crochet hook or a latch tool can be used for this cast on, thus the name, c…

Draft Bodice Pattern
Efficient Way to Draft a Basic Custom Bodice Pattern (Sloper)

How many times have you drafted a bodice pattern following instructions, only to have your head spinning at the end of this project and still not understanding how you got there? I’ve done it to…

Slanted Side Pockets

These slanted side pockets are comfortable and very useful for pants and shorts, skirts and dresses. Construction of Slanted Side Pockets The slanted side pockets are affixed to the front piece of the…