Measuring and Classifying Yarn by Weight

Measuring Yarn Weight Traditionally, yarn has been divided into three classes: fine, medium, and bulky. These classes are further subdivided into more precise categories. The two systems used to classify yarn by the weight or size are wraps per inch (centimeter) and the yarn count measurement. Wraps per Inch Yarn Count System The yarn count system is used by commercial textile manufacturers. It is described below as a reference for understanding the weight of yarn or thread. The yarn count system measures mass per unit length (direct) or length per unit mass (indirect). Indirect Yarn Count System (Fixed Weight) The indirect system measures the length of yarn per fixed weight.… Read More

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Project #2: Mixed wool hickory gossamer pullover from farm to fashion.

Project #2: Mixed Wool Hickory Gossamer Tunic

Getting Started This project started with my trip to The Woolery for a quick purchase of some fleece for my Friendship Spinners Guild meeting. I bought a pound of off-white roving, which is a blend of wool from 57 different sheep. I started spinning the yarn using long draw woolen method on my Lendrum portable spinning wheel while socializing with other spinners at the meeting. I decided to spin very thin yarn for a light-weight pullover for this exceptionally warm winter month. Off-white roving that I took to the Guild meeting. The finely-spun yarn was finished in a few days. It’s amazing how much time it takes to spin just one bobbin when the yarn… Read More

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