Dead Horse Point, Colorado River

We Arrived to Dead Horse Point State Park

Driving to Dead Horse Point near Moab, Utah, is an adventure by itself. It can take several hours to several days depending on how often you want to stop and explore the Canyonlands. We stopped many times, hiked towards Colorado River, along the mesas and canyons and took some photos of Tafoni Formations, a really neat cracked rock, and this unusual blue holly. Here is another picture of this glamorous plant: We pulled over at Castle Creek to take some photos of this smooth cliff that is frequently used by practicing rock climbers. And this immaculate grass glowing in the sunlight. The cliff followed us for many miles as we… Read More

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The Nature’s Lace of Tafoni

The amazing regularity of the cavitations, symmetry, and the orderly honeycomb pattern resemble an anatomical structure or living tissue pattern. This is not a living tissue, however. This delicate lacework is Tafoni sandstone formation. The carvings of this rock are very small. The smallest cavity is approximately the size of a penny. This fragile pattern is an inspiration for me to make a lacy garment with a pattern resembling Tafoni. Hm!

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